Sailing Info

Before leaving our harbor, we do suggest our client to read carefully the information sheet about the rules for a safe navigation on Lake Garda. While leaving our pier, make sure you take a clear point of reference you can see and distinguish from far away.

Make sure to keep in mind that it is required to keep at least 500 mt away from the shore while sailing on Lake Garda. Keep a moderate speed as well.

Speed limits

  • The speed limit on Lake Garda is 20 knots.
  • While approaching, leaving or sailing in a Harbor, the speed limit is 3 knots.
  • While sailing at or less than 300 mt from the shore it is required to keep a moderate speed.
  • During the day the speed limit is 20 knots, during the night the speed limit is 5 knots.

Regulation and rules

  • All public transportation vehicles have the priority.
  • All boats and vehicles are required to keep at lease mt 100 away from public transportation vehicles and professional fishermen boats.
  • All boats are required to keep at least mt 100 distance from each other.
  • All boats approaching and/ or leaving a harbor need to operate slowly and perpendicurarly the shore.
  • All boats equipped with an engine need an insurance. An insurance certificate has to be on board.
  • It is required for the driver to keep an ID card and a License ( both in original copy ) on board while sailing on Lake Garda.
  • It is required for all kids, who weigh less than 40 kg, to wear a life jacket. Adults life jackets are always on board.
  • All boats are equipped with a sailing emergency kit. In case of emergency call our office as soon as possible: +39 0365503057  +393065504861.
  • In case of dangerous accident , the emergency number on Lake Garda is 1530.
  • All boats are equipped with a GPS system for security reasons.
  • In case of bad weather, make sure you enter the closest harbor nearby, call than our office:   +390365503057, +390365504861.
  • Waterski is not allowed unless authorized.
  • Waterski and Wakeboard are authorized only if there are 3 people on board; a driver, a person on board who has to check both the driver and who is using the ski, a person who is using the waterski or the wakeboard.
  • The anchor is not attached to the boat.


  • The driver is not allowed to drink alcohol while sailing on Lake Garda. The BAC ( blood alcohol level) has to be Zero. The fine for who is caught drinking while driving can reach the €8’000,00.
  • Any rescue or assistance caused by negligence, dereliction and/or inattention of the costumer will cost €100,00 for the rescue and €150,00/hour for the time spent with the costumer.

Sailing information

  • It is NOT allowed to use motor boats in the north area of Lake Garda ( Regione Trentino). The borderline cross Lake Garda from West ( Località Corno di Reamol- Limone sul Garda) to East ( Galleria di Confine- Malcesine).
  • It is not allowed to enter the Harbor of Sirmione.



Around the Islands

Make sure you do follow our instruction. Make sure to pass between the black and yellow poles.  

Along the south shore

Make sure you keep at least 500 mt away from the south shore along Padenghe, Desenzano, Sirmione and Peschiera.

Insurance Policy

  • The contracting party is covered for the civil liability.
  • RappyDrive will pay back the deposit on your return, except in case of damages on the boat.
  • The driver is liable for damages caused to the boat, to personal items and to other people,if these damages are caused by negligence or carelessness.
  • RappyDrive won’t pay in any case any damage to personal items.
  • In compliance with the Italian legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003, I hereby authorize you to use and process my personal details contained in this document.



In case of emergency call our office 0365/503057