Event for Companies

Increasingly more frequent, the most advanced business organizations propose experiences outside daily office life. There are many reasons for this: in many cases it may be for business-awards or meetings with important clients that have to be organized in a more interesting place than the usual meeting room. In other cases the management organizes staff excursions with the intention of team-building, creating an excellent, confident and determined team with the scope of hitting the top target. 

Lake Garda is the perfect setting for this kind of event: the beautiful landscape views, which alternate between the soft hills of the southern lake side to the rocks overhanging the water at the northern lake side will be able to touch even the most difficult client or the most reserved employee. 

For more than a century, international tourism has chosen this green corner to spend a holiday. This is also thanks to the wide variety of accommodation and service that meet every clients’wish. 

Over many years, it has been the pleasure of Rappydrive to offer memorable amusements during conventions such as organizing excursions on the lake with its own boats. Rappydrive can plan any kind of excursion, including on request dinner on-board or at selected restaurants not far from the lake shores. 

Some companies used our boats for business-meetings in absolute privacy surrounded by the waters of the Benaco. The suggestive environment favours the building of an atmosphere of trust and the easy distance from the office offers the unconditional guarantee of originality and attention to clients and employees. 
Life on-board facilitates a team spirit among the boat members. Team sprit increases with the necessity of resolving little problems which may happen during the voyage. 

Rappydrive is able to supply all the necessary support for your amusement (or work) on Lake Garda. 

You only have to ask!