Taking care of your boat is the duty of every enthusiast nauticalespecially during the winter season when the weather does not allow to make excursions on the lakes like that of Garda or at sea, if you are on the side of the Lake Garda you will want to contact Rappydrive for a workmanlike storage.
Storage is the control that must be carried out at the beginning / end of the season to ensure that the condition of your boat is in excellent condition, therefore some parts of the boat, such as the engine, the electrical system and the deck, are essential for the operation of your boat boat.

Off with storage

Let’s start from the heart of your boat, that is the engine, checking every single point, making sure that everything is in a workmanlike manner.

  • The cooling system
  • Power plant
  • Monoblock
  • Electrical panel and connections
  • Battery

Winter boat storage with Rappydrive

Rappydrive offers you the possibility of a workmanlike storage as it has an area of approximately 4,000 square meters adapted for storage with covered seats for boats, as well as offering the possibility of storage along the port of Moniga, Manerba and Dusano giving also the possibility of rent boats complete with everything you need with or without a license for perfect excursions on Lake Garda.

Rappydrive within his team has real professionals with years of experience on the boats and who will take care of the storage of your boat from the engine to the deck, besides Rappydrive has a security system made of cameras which will monitor 24 hours a day the your boats during the entire storage period for your and your boat’s safety. I am sure that every true nautical enthusiast will perform these small but fundamental points for the life of your boat that is up to you, being “stingy” and not performing storage could lead to irreparable and costly damage.