Located in the Italian Alps between Venice and Milan, Lake Garda is the largest lake in the country. Located at an altitude of 65 meters, it is 370 km2 and offers an ideal sailing ground. The lake is surrounded by small villages, beaches, small harbours, settlements, parks and nature reserves.
During the Christmas season, the villages of the lake are more picturesque and welcoming than ever, dressed in their winter riches. Tranquility and silence highlight the ancient villages with typical charms. Thanks to its family atmosphere and Christmas, it will make your stay special and memorable.

The lake of Garda, the ideal place for the family

You can take walks together or along the Snowy lake, in the woods and in the natural parks. Children and parents alike will be able to get some fresh air and do gymnastics in beautiful landscapes. It is also a very romantic season for lovers. You can rent a charming hotel on the lakefront with your pets and enjoy all the intimate restaurants. The day you can enjoy the lake hand in hand on foot or by boat. Activities offered in winter many activities proposed around the lake in summer and winter. In Winter You can practice mountain biking, trekking and even horseback riding. For those who like extreme conditions, you can try surfing and windsurfing, in combination of course. If you want to relax, there are many spas in the villages that are in the area to relax and rest your body. With its temperatures not too cold, the winter on Lake Garda is a good time to take a boat trip and admire the landscape on snowy days. You can walk around the lake and stop in the towns and villages that attract you and enjoy the activities they offer.

Rappydrive: Enjoy the lake by boat

You can rent a boat in Rappydrive, the historic company of Lake Garda, which rents boats from 1993. All the models are new and equipped with all the necessary equipment. If you do not have a nautical license, you can also rent a boat without a license. Rappydrive puts at your disposal a dozen models. With its efficient and friendly team, you will have all the advice you need to surf calmly.