It is no secret that spending a holiday on Lake Garda is a luxury experience that combines business with pleasure in itself. However, to enjoy your holidays on Lake Garda in the best way it is not enough to simply reach this fabulous place. You should also get to knowthe spas on Lake Garda, the wellness centers and the spas so as to add a completely different flavor to your holiday.
Not everyone knows that in the immediate vicinity of Lake Garda there are the Baths of Verona and those of Sirmione. The waters of these spas are rich in beneficial substances of various kinds and are perfect for treating rheumatism and numerous other problems for the well-being of the person. Without forgetting the possibility of visiting the thermal baths of Colà di Lazise, which are also among the most important in Italy in terms of beneficial properties. For a wellness holiday, one cannot help but go to these spas and experience the beneficial effect of sulphate-rich water. Not only: in Sirmione, besides the thermal baths, the ancient historical villa of the Roman poet Catullus also stands out. Walking in the alleys of this structure, observing its ancient walls and climbing plants that have covered the building with millennia of history is an experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life. The thermal baths of Sirmione occupy a space of over 10,000 square meters completely destined for well-being and relaxation, while a large restaurant also stands nearby.

… and the SPAs on Lake Garda

All the local SPAs are located in the immediate vicinity of the spas on Lake Garda. So you can find one of the most beautiful SPA centers directly near the aforementioned Terme di Sirmione, which is among the most visited in the entire territory. In these places you will have all the tools you need to stop for a moment and take care of yourself. Only the specialists who know their job well and are able to give you moments of well-being that you will hardly be able to forget are working at the SPA centers of Lake Garda. The local SPAs are connected to the 4 or 5 star hotels where you can find answers after the days spent discovering the historical and cultural attractions that characterize Lake Garda. All the centers are well equipped and are able to meet even the most particular needs of customers. The possible choice of facilities to spend time on Lake Garda is expanded year by year to offer visitors the best. The choice, in short, is so vast that anyone could easily find himself before a natural embarrassment of choice.

Romantic dinners on Lake Garda

All the facilities mentioned not only allow you to enjoy the best of a holiday on Lake Garda, but also offer all those interested another chance not to be underestimated: to taste the food of the area. The flavors here are among the most special of the whole of Italy, as they combine aspects of Veneto’s cuisine with that of Lombardy. Without forgetting the infinite charm of a dinner on the shores of one of the most romantic lakes in the world. Drink of DOC or DOCG quality wine typical of the area at sunset, perhaps near the boats on Lake Garda (which make the whole experience even more magnificent) is one of those experiences that you should try to understand the real taste of a luxury holiday on Lake Garda. Not only that: thanks to the services of important local companies such as Rappydrive you can treat yourself to the possibility of traveling on the calm waters of Lake Garda thanks to the boat rental on Lake Garda. The rental of boats without a license also allows the less experienced to discover Lake Garda and all the surrounding nature on the edge of a top quality boat. The rental of boats with a license, on the other hand, is reserved solely for people who have the right knowledge and skills to be able to drive a boat to discover the surrounding nature. As if all this were not enough, you can also take advantage of the sale of boats on Lake Garda.