Limone is a small town overlooking Lake Garda, immersed in the scents and colors of its splendid lemon groves, which make it a charming town rich in history.
The tradition of lemon houses dates back to the 13th century, thanks to the importation of lemons from the Ligurian Riviera. Since then the cultivation of citrus fruits has become the local specialty, but let’s not forget that Limone is also known for the cultivation of olive trees dedicated to the production of oil, much appreciated for its pleasant taste.
The town is only 11km from Lake Garda, here you can breathe a genuine air made of colors and flavors that have made the history of Limone.

The history of Limone sul Garda towards opening up to tourism

Limone del Garda is a town of unique beauty, a small pearl very close to Lake Garda. It is possible to reach it by boat, thanks to the many facilities dedicated to Lake Garda boating, which offer rental slings without a license but also the sale of Lake Garda boats for those who want a 360º service.
The emblem of the city depicts a lemon, the undisputed symbol of the territory. Although its name also recalls these citrus fruits, the name derives from the Latin “limes” or border, precisely because it is located on the border between Brescia and Trento.
Although the cultivation of lemons is a prerogative of the territories of the South, Limone enjoys a particular mild climate very favorable to this cultivation, so in 1700 the first lemon-houses were protected from the winds thanks to rock walls.

In 1932 the small Limone opened up to tourism, thanks to the construction of the Gardesana, a road that runs along Lake Garda and that allows to easily reach the town that very soon became a favorite destination for summer holidays.
The scents of lemons mix with those of jasmine, colorful flowers enliven the balconies of the historic center and a small marina makes Limone a village out of time.
Lemons are produced throughout the year, thanks to a well-structured greenhouse system that also allows the export of these citrus fruits worldwide.
The historic center of Limone breathes an ancient, picturesque air and thanks to the hospitality of the locals it is the ideal place to take a break away from the chaos of the city. In fact, the old houses, all recently renovated and equipped with every comfort, are a valid alternative to large hotel structures and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the unique climate of the village.

A walk through the narrow streets of Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda is a town that in recent decades attracts a large number of tourists, so in its historic center you can find ice cream parlors, restaurants and shops for every taste. But to discover the true essence of this place you have to immerse yourself in its alleys, get lost among the facades of the houses and their windows, the arcades and the narrow staircases covered with colorful flowers and succulent plants.
A mandatory stop is a visit to the Church of San Rocco. A small treasure chest from whose terrace you can admire a breathtaking landscape that allows you to admire Lake Garda and the town.
To reach Limone sul Garda the ideal solution is to use a boat, perhaps by renting boats from Lake Garda, so that you can walk along the Limone lakeside. Many boat rental businesses allow boat rentals without a license.

A visit to the Limonaia del Castel: between breathtaking scents and landscapes

La Limonaia del Castel is located in the heart of Limone sul Garda, it was built during the 1700s on a terrace of Mount Sughera. Unfortunately, only a part of the original construction remains, but thanks to the acquisition by the municipality in 1995, the structure has returned to its former glory. In fact, today inside the Limonaia del Castel there is a well-organized structure that houses various species of citrus fruits such as lemons, cedars, mandarins, bergamots and grapefruits. Furthermore, a modern educational museum allows to study the different species of plants present: an interesting intervention to preserve the local culture and tradition, but also the local heritage made up of stories of men who worked inside the lemon groves for decades .
La Limonaia del Castel is a testament to the past of the place, a priceless cultural heritage and its terracing is also a magical place where you can enjoy a landscape that never ceases to leave tourists from all over the world in awe.