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Desenzano del Garda: one of the most fashionable centers of the lake

Among enchanting landscapes, wide pine forests and fragrant gardens in bloom, here is Desenzano del Garda, one of the most requested and appreciated tourist resorts in the district. The town rises a few kilometers from Brescia, in the middle of a natural stage that leaves you breathless, especially when you arrive by boat. The mountains to frame the back of the town, the blue and turquoise waters of the lake at its feet. Perfect for a boat trip, Desenzano conquers at first glance and invites you to take a restful break for a few hours. Impossible not to succumb to the charm of a walk through its charming streets. The life of Desenzano revolves around Piazza Malvezzi and the historic center, from which the road that leads up to the castle, the true symbol of the city, climbs.

Palazzo Todeschini and the old port

One of the places of Desenzano not to be missed is the old port, built during the thirteenth century and used mainly at the time of the domination of the Venetian Republic for the grain market. On the dock stands Palazzo Todeschini, another admirable work by Giulio Todeschini, who for some centuries served as the municipal house of Desenzano. A peculiarity of the building, in addition to the characteristic arcades, is the presence of the so-called stone of the unemployed, in which in the past the convictions for failure occurred.

A splendid historic center

Desenzano is the ideal destination for a boat trip and for a brief stop to discover its most suggestive corners. Not far from here, Rappydrive offers boat rental services with a driving license and without a license, ideal for quickly acquiring a boat of any size and to discover the most interesting and characteristic points of Lake Garda. In Desenzano you will find a charming historic center embellished with a series of monuments and buildings that will surprise you.

The castle of Desenzano

The castle overlooks the city from above. Built in the Middle Ages above a previous Roman castrum, it has an irregular layout, caused by the numerous posthumous reconstructions and the construction of some houses and buildings inside. The castle was fortified around 1400 and its mighty walls protected over a hundred houses for centuries, plus a small church dedicated to Sant’Ambrogio. Starting in 1882, the mighty manor was used as a barracks, while today it is the site of the election of numerous cultural events. From here you can enjoy one of the most evocative views of all of Lake Garda, to photograph and admire at least once in your life!

The Cathedral of Desenzano

The cathedral church of Desenzano was dedicated to Santa Maria Maddalena and was built before 1611, the year of its inauguration. The facade is very interesting, entirely built in Baroque style, while the interior is divided into three naves, with a marvelous barrel vault above the central nave. The cathedral houses some works by Andrea Celesti, one of the most famous Venetian painters of the seventeenth century, including the Magdalene Penitente and the Resurrection. However, the most important and well-known work remains Tiepolo’s Last Supper, located in the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament and built around 1738.