For a business growth and the satisfaction of the operational staff, several companies organize and strive to be able to spend their employees an experience that can lead them away from the air of daily competence, in order to make, in his The entire business cycle within the company. Therefore, it is a simple meeting to make known all the employees, in the case of franchises or companies that extend on a large scale, or more simply a ceremony aimed at rewarding the staff for the excellent results achieved, RappyDrive puts to His competence and passion to organize your event in the beautiful setting of Lake Garda. Meetings with special customers.

Lake Garda: A wonderful setting for your events

It is not enough to have a special place at your disposal, but you must also know how to enhance the natural beauties in order to preserve the prestige, and make it affordable for everyone.

RappyDrive has made sure, over the years, to acquire even more value at Lake Garda, safeguarding the aspects related to the Territory, and working to maximise them, without affecting the wonders of the Territory.

Lake Garda remains one of the most coveted destinations for the International touristPanorama, able to attract people from all over the world, especially the companies that are looking for a particular place for their meetings.

This has been made possible thanks to the avant-garde structures that have been able to exploit and implement the Territory.

Our passion at your disposal

RappyDrive makes available its boats and its means to be able, not only to visit Lake Garda and the wonders connected to the place, but also to organize real meetings in total confidentiality, and guaranteeing the necessary conditions to ensure that occasions such as these can be unique and special. You can choose from a wide range of boats. It will be possible to rent one of the wonderful boats made available for your meeting. The qualified staff. Nothing is left to chance, and therefore, beyond the possibility of using among the craft Available, RappyDrive puts its specialized staff at your service.